Knee & Shoulder Pain

Treatment for Knee, Shoulder and Joint Pain

Our FDA-cleared technology is proven to effectively relieve knee, shoulder and other joint pain. More than 100 Million Americans suffer from knee and joint pain. In fact, this pain accounts for 25% of all visits to primary care physicians and half of all anti-inflammatory prescriptions.

Joint pain has many causes, factors that may contribute to the condition include being overweight, getting older (wear and tear), injuries, alignment and imbalance due to improperly formed joints, genetic defect in joint cartilage, or stresses on joints from various activities.

People who suffer from joint pain typically try supplements or pain medications before seeking help from a doctor. When all else fails and the pain is too much, some feel that surgery is the only option. Before you put yourself through months of immobility, pain, rehab and hefty medical bills, consider nonsurgical options with Bergen Total Health.

Our medical team has seen phenomenal results when dealing with chronic joint pain. We are continually investing in the latest FDA-cleared technology that has proven effective in helping with the pain symptoms our clients face. The right technology in the right hands makes all the difference.

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